Pictures from the 2010 MVP Summit

By James at February 18, 2010 11:35
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Since I am forbidden/prohibited – with good reason – to mention what I learned at the 2010 MVP Summit, I thought, I’d share some pictures

100_0654 100_0656
The view from my room at the Hyatt Looking up at the skylight.
100_0665 100_0670
The *actual* team building MVC. I sat with them during a few presentations on MVC. A building on campus. Notice how I made the clouds go away.
100_0674 100_0676
One of the X-hundred Priuses/i that are used to shuttle people around. Me and Jesse Liberty. What an honor, and a terrific human.
100_0677 100_0678
Me and some guy claiming to be David Silverlight. :) Me and Daron YÖNDEM, a Silverlight MVP from Istanbul Turkey.
100_0680 100_0682
Me and my great friend and fellow IE MVP, Al Pascual. Me and Emily Freet. Emily is in charge of the MVP Program for the “Americas”
100_0683 100_0681
It wouldn’t be a party without my brother Geoff Emery I met with Scott Guthrie too. He said he had heard lots of good things about me and asked me for a meeting the next day…
…this was the result!  



Well, one can dream, can’t they?

Time to party!

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