Hey! I’m an INETA Community Champion!

By James at April 05, 2010 10:39
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Wow. I woke up this morning to a terrific email…


We would like to extend our thanks for your participation in the INETA Community Champions program and your commitment to the developer community. You were nominated by your local Developer Evangelist Lynn Langit.  You faced some challenging competition yet your accomplishments speak for themselves.  The Community Champions team is thrilled to inform you that you are one of our top winners for Q1 2010.  Congratulations!  INETA will be announcing the winners in our next INETA Newsletter as well as posting announcements on our web site. 

I had worked with the INETA Community Champs committee a few years ago, but never thought I would be a recipient.

Thanks everyone, especially Lynn (my own developer champion)!

And just so everyone knows I’m not kidding… here’s the proof.

INETA Community Champions Badge

Time to get crackin’.


I'm going to PDC 2008!

By James at October 25, 2008 12:44
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Ever since there has been a PDC I have wanted to attend. And for various reasons I wasn't able to, mainly due to the expense. Due to my work in the community, and being a charter member of their Academy, one of the IEDOTNETUG sponsors, JetBrains, offered me a pass to attend. All I would have to do is work in the booth 2 hours a day, and give a presentation.

I was stoked, until I got the call that they were reconsidering and wanted to have someone "more famous". Huh?! Bummed but not out, I started working my magic on everyone I know, and finally Lynn Langit, offered to help.

Lynn is great, and can get stuff that no one else can. But after 2 weeks of being told "Huh, umm, NO" by everyone she asked, it seem pretty bleak. Resigning myself to the fact that it would be yet another PDC of watching webcasts and dreaming of the day, I got both a rather strange email from Lynn, "Gisli Olafsson PDC pass for James Johnson", and a twitter message "@jamesIEDOTNET read your mail w00t!", last Wednesday morning (October 22) .

As it turns out Gisli is a Microsoft Employee in Iceland, and was called to Kenya during the same time as PDC 2008. I don't know how Lynn found this out, or got a hold of him, but she did and he graciously offered to transfer his registration to me.


Needless to say, I was flabbergasted, appreciative, happy, ecstatic, etc. Props and THANKS to both Lynn and Gisli for making this happen for me. I am going to have so much fun!

If you’re going to be at PDC 2008, send me an email via the blog, or follow me on twitter. My alias is jamesIEDOTNET. Stay tuned for more entries, photos and other stuff.


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