MIX 08 - Day 3

By James at March 07, 2008 05:54
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It sure is hard to get up this morning, maybe all you can eat ribs at midnight isn't the best thing to do.

The first presentation "Using an Internet Service Bus to Build Next Generation Applications and Services" is interesting. Microsoft is releasing a lot of their APIs from their live platform to allow developers to create first rate applications. Head over to http://sessions.visitmix.com/ to check it out. After break is what I was hoping to be an interesting topic, "Microsoft Silverlight and Dynamic Languages". It's given by a team of devs, two guys, and obviously one wears the pants in the relationship. The dude's presentation style is brusk and condesending, especially to his partner. I try to let that go, but when they start talking about how easy it is to code Ruby with VIM, and he's barking to his partner, "no up, up, down, no search for this", I just gotta go.

I chose poorly.

Time to grab my box lunch and head to the last conference of the day, "Effective User Interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight". Glad I got there early. As I'm eating my lunch, the room fills up and soon the pitbulls close the door. Ten minutes in and I realize this isn't what I was hoping for. The presenters are from some design firm, talking about how great they are. Ok, let's find something else.

I wander around and end up in a half filled room. This presentation seems interesting, "Applications = Designers + Developers". It's two guys, one a designer, the other a developer, showing how they built the Deep Zoom Composer with WPF, Blend, and C#. This is so cool. Blend and Visual Studio talk with each other so one persons changes don't affect the others. The designer can just completley change the entire interface, and all of the interactions, events, code behind stay put. This is going to be a great way to work now.

Mix is over. I head back to the Sandbox to see what's what, and the pitbull guards won't let anyone in. Time to head home to see Carmina. YAHOO! 

MIX 08 - Day 2

By James at March 06, 2008 05:04
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Ugh.... I guess I enjoyed the party at Tao a little bit too much. Ok, get ready and head down to eat. I am so glad that I'm staying here in the Venetian. Geoff is staying at "Hooters" of all places and it takes him forever to get here. I meet up with him, just as we head into the dining room. We grab our food, then sit at a table occupied by a single woman. As we're talking about the previous day, she interrupts and asks, because of our conversation, if we're Developer Evangelists. She is the Microsoft DE for Belgium. I find it interesting how much tunnel vision we get in our lives, thinking that Microsoft is only here. And, now proof slapping me on the head, is sitting right there. The three of us start talking about what she does, the format of her presentations, if she is on the same track of technology as over here. A great discussion, until Geoff asks if she's "Belgish". sigh.....

The first presentation is "Real World AJAX with ASP.NET" by Nikhil Kothari. I'm not too interested in the topic, Silverlight 2 is out after all, but Nikhil is a freaking genius, writing Script#, and I want to see what he has to say. Most of what he says is interesting, and is focused on using the ASP.NET AJAX stuff, something I need to get back into, but then his last piece is on using Silverlight 2 as a means of local storage. "Aha" I say. This can solve some issues with my work. 

15 minute break then onto ""Creating Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2". This is a cool presentation, given by Karen Corby a dev on the Silverlight team. She talks about how to extend and create your own SL controls. Next comes lunch, then the second keynote with Guy Kawasaki and Steve Ballmer.

This was interesting. Ballmer invited Kawasaki to interview him, asking him any questions he wanted. The two were on a raised platform sitting in comfy chairs. Ballmer was more animated than he was at the 2008 launch, which was nice to see. With about 20 minutes left, audience members were allowed to come up and ask Ballmer questions. Most of the questions were good. One reporter asked what he was planning for the Seattle Supersonics, and he responded it was not an appropriate question and wouldn't answer.

Ok, so now, here is your chance to ask the CEO of Microsoft any question you want to. Think hard. Come up with a good one. Instead some dork wastes his chance by asking "Now that the DVD wars are over and BlueRay won, what is Microsoft going to do?" It's not like Microsoft is going to fold up and go out of business. Ballmer responds with, "We'll switch to supporting BlueRay".

All the sessions I want to see next are full, and pitbull security guards don't let anyone in if there are no chairs. Great. At least they'll be online later. So I head over to the "Sandbox" to see what's happening. I grab some more swag for the kids, and find Woody Pewitt (Microsoft DE for So Cal). We get some logistics figured out for the Code Trip and chat about the User Group and such. I play around with the Hands On Labs that are setup, then start heading over to the next presentation, "Developing ASP.NET Applications Using the Model View Controller Pattern" with Scott Hanselman.

This presentation just ROCKED! I'm an active reader of Scott’s blog, listener of his podcasts, viewer of his webcasts, and thought I knew what to expect. But seeing Scott live is absolutely great. How Scott takes a difficult subject and turns it around into a casual conversation, is a feat which is difficult to do. He makes it seamless and natural. Scott’s interaction with the audience as he’s presenting is priceless. As a speaker, and facilitator myself, I got a kick out of Scott’s handling of the various interruptions during the presentation, and his referencing of crazy eval comments.

Do yourself a favor and go to http://sessions.visitmix.com/ Search for "The ASP.NET MVC Framework" and watch the show.

That's it for the business of the day, it's time for some fun. The CodeTrip bus is down in the loading dock and the team is giving tours. They'll be leaving in a little bit, so I want to see where I'll be sleeping. It's a great time with a lot of excitement. Lynn just keeps on introducing me to all the Microsoft people, including, Greg Visscher (her boss), as a great influencer telling them how much I love building communities.

I meet up with Geoff. Rich shows up, so we head out to eat and drink.


MIX 08 – Day one

By James at March 05, 2008 16:25
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Alarm goes off at 6 am…ugh, but I asked the guards last night when people start lining up for the keynote, and they tell me 7:30. Ok, shower, dress, make sure I have my badge, room key and note book. I’m sorry, I am excited as hell to be here, but I will not be seen in public with the effing metro sexual tote back they handed out last night. Sigh…

The dining hall has seats for the 14 bazillion attendees here, and I’m the fourth in the room. At least the eggs and bacon will be warm. Feeling like a dork, I finish eating and think perhaps I’ll head back up to my room for a bit, when another attendee asks if he can sit with me. “Sure”,  I say, wondering to myself “hmm….” We start chatting, he notices my badge and asks what I do for UCR. After a brief explanation of My UCR, I notice his badge shows he works for Microsoft. “So”, I ask, “What do you do at Microsoft?” He replies, “I’m on the team that builds SQL Server. Have you heard anything about the Entity Framework? I designed that.” Holy crap! I’m having breakfast with Britt Johnston and we’re talking about SQL Server design, entities, and stuff. I tell him about the User Group and ask if he’d would be interested in coming down to present. We then talk a bit more about My UCR and I ask if he’d be interested in going over the architecture with me. He said he’d be glad to. How effing cool is this?

A new friend of mine Geoffrey Emery walks by and I flag him down. Lynn Langit introduced us last week at the 2008 launch and he’s a cool guy. He works as hard as I do at promoting community among developers and runs a series of Bar Camps. The three of us eat, keep chatting, and just hang out.

Time for the keynote.  Geoff and I head off to get in line and meet up with some friends of his. The .NET gods must be smiling at us as we get seats just behind the press row. It’s freaking crowded, and my claustrophobia is bubbling just under the surface. There’s a young kid, impersonating Johnny Cash on stage. I can’t figure out the connection, but this kid just rocks.

Ray Ozzie comes on stage and starts talking about his dream of inter-connectivity and services in the cloud. Ok, I think, this is interesting, but we’ve heard this time and time again. Interestingly enough though, I look around, and every other person has a laptop. Those I can see all have Live Writer open and people are actually transcribing what Ray is saying. Weird.

Scott Guthrie comes on stage and Geoff and my first impression is, “this dude makes over a million a year, and he comes on stage in jeans and an *old* polo shirt.

Scott starts talking about stuff then introduces Dean Hachamovitch, the lead of IE 8. He goes through some demos of the product, some of which is cool. Standards support, support for CSS2.1, nice developer tools including Javascript debugging, and web slices; a way to select a portion of a page as a bookmark. Nice. Then he announces that IE8 beta 1 is available now. Ok, I’ll give it a try.

The rest of the keynote is made up of demos of what Silverlight 2 can do. I’m glad I waited and didn’t do a lot with Silverlight 1. Sl2 has so many more features; controls, layout, data binding; CLR with C# and VB support. Beta 1 with a non-commercial go-live license is released today, and Scott emphasizes that all the demos were built with Beta 1 bits.

Lunch time, then on to the presentations.

With all the good stuff Microsoft does, you’d think they could schedule better. Um, the keynote focuses on Silverlight, so why are the topics on Silverlight in the smallest rooms? I go into the room for Silverlight data binding to web services. I’m one of the lucky ones and get a seat. There have to be at least 20 people sitting on the floor.

Next is “Developing Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight”. At least this is in a bigger room, but there’s a traffic jam outside waiting to get in. I start to think I’ll just bail, but then find a side door, and a chair on the isle. Bitchen. This is a two part session and it just totally rocks.  

Silverlight is the next best thing and will make our lives as web developers so much easier. In the keynote, Scott Guthrie stated that there are 1.5 million downloads of the Silverlight plugin a day!

Meetings are over for the day, so I head over to the Sandbox to see if I can find Woody or Lynn. No such luck, so I start looking around for Geoff. Found Geoff and a friend of mine who I had lost contact with Perry Birch. We catch up and make plans for meeting up at the after party.

After party at Tao. Nice. Good food, open bar. I can’t find Perry, but meet up with Lynn. She introduces me to Bruno Terkaly, the new Northern California Developer Evangelist. Lynn bubbles about what an asset I am to the Inland Empire Developer Community and enlists his help in getting me MVP status.

I finally meet up with Perry,  and we spend time catching up. Perry is a sharp guy with a lot of great ideas and we make plans to talk more, when we don’t have to shout at each other above the noise. Perry and I keep chatting when, none other than my friend Don Kiely walks by. I flag Don down and we sit and catch up.

Wow, what a day.


Mix 08 – preamble

By James at March 04, 2008 15:36
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I’m on my way to MIX08! Man, I am excited to go! I have been waiting so long for this and I am so happy that my former boss approved the funds…just before he resigned. (Note to self: send him a thank you note).

Driving through the desert in a new UC owned Grand Am is ok, but I wish I had the Civic Hybrid I was promised. Oh well, it’s comfy and has a lot a power, and my iPod jacks into the stereo so I can catch up on my dotnetrocks podcasts. I get into Vegas about 1pm and am greeted with 1) smog, and 2) traffic…jeez; at least the Venetian lets me check in 2 hours ahead of time.

MIX registration starts at 4pm, so I settle in, then head over to the registration area. I go up the longest escalator in the world, only to be met by 2 gigantic bouncers who say I can’t go any further until 4, and that I have to go back down to wait. For the next 20 minutes I count how many people take the trip up…then down. One developer…I know he’s a dev as he keeps testing the system…actually takes the ride EIGHT times!  Finally its check in time and a herd of geeks, and weirdo designers head up. Check in is painless, and I’m on my way.

My best friend Rich moved to Henderson (just east of Vegas) a while back. We stay in touch with IM and email, but haven’t seen each other since. So I head over to his house to have dinner, visit, catch up and get to know his two boys, Jack and Carson. It takes a while for the boys to warm up to me, but then Jack tells me he wants to do a puzzle, and Carson keeps climbing on me. What can I say? Little kids love “tio James”. Hope starts giving the boys their bedtime baths, and Rich and I head over to a little “wine lounge” Vox (http://www.voxwinelounge.com/). This place just rocks! It’s a trendy little bar with mixed drinks and great wine. The wine is super expensive; $13 for half a glass, but if you sit at the bar, and nurse a twenty dollar bill in the video poker machine (or at least pretend to), they keep refilling your glass. Sweet! If you go, be sure to hit up Edgar, Allison and Danielle.

Rich and I had a great time catching up… I really do miss this guy… and he bounces several of his latest enterprise level, make a gazillion dollar ideas off of him.

I head back to the Venetian to sleep and get ready for the morning… the first day of Mix with Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie giving the keynote.

I miss Carmina. We’ve talked several times today, and Rich started giving her the old “Rich” routine. This is the first time in our marriage that we’ve been, or will be, apart longer than a day.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Cal Schrotenboer's Presentation to the IEDOTNETUG - WPF

By James at March 02, 2008 11:02
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Here are Cal Schrotenboer's slides for his presentation to the Inland Empire .NET User's Group on Windows Presentation Foundation, given on June 12, 2007 

IntroductionToWPF.ppt (234.50 kb)

LearnWPF_WCF.ppt (91.50 kb)


I'm going to MIX08!

By James at March 02, 2008 10:49
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Finally! After three years of trying to get there, UCR is finally sending me. I can hardly wait. This year all the sessions will be streamed live, with a 30 second delay. But check back here for my thoughts on the conference.


This will be great!


Tom Opgenorth's Test Driven Development Presentation

By James at February 19, 2008 11:15
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Here is Tom Opgenorth's Test Driven Development presentation to the Inland Empire .NET User's Group given on February 19, 2008 

TDDIntro.ppt (4.06 mb)


Bubble 2.0 in perpetuity?

By James at December 17, 2007 19:50
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This video is a hoot, but got taken down from all the sites which were playing it. Hopefully it will live in perpetuity here. 


My Che Guevara hat

By James at December 17, 2007 19:25
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I've always had an independent streak. I don't know if it's because I was raised by two, loving democrats in the midst of the '60's turmoil or not, but I've never felt comfortable in playing by the rules. I also love hats. Strange but I like hats; baseball caps, fedoras, bowlers, driving caps, trucker hats. I'd love to wear one of those big, ostrich feathered hats the three musketeers wore. I have a big collection of ball caps that I usually wear on the weekend, but have never gotten around to actually buying something different.

But now that Carmina is in my life, and with all the goodness that comes from that, I decided to change my look. A few weeks ago, we were on our way down to Carlsbad to see my dad in his annual gig as a professional Santa Claus and we stopped off to do a little Christmas shopping. As it was "black friday" and the stores had all their sales on, we stumbled across a black, wool, Kangol cap. I wasn't too keen on it, but my Carmina said I looked handsome wearing it and insisted I buy it. So, I decided to go for it. And of course, since I'm somewhat of a rebel, I immediately decided to wear it backwards....Carmina immediately commented that I looked like an Artistic Sandinista. Ricki said I looked like Che.

I love this cap. I wear it all the time, and have gotten tons of comments on it. Members at the user group (especially the VS 2008 Load Fest), in meetings at work, and even from people on the street. And, you know, it keeps my head warm too.

So tell me what you think? Am I cool or what?

My apologies to my fellow .NET User Group Leads... Art Villa, Mike Vincent, Woody Pewitt, Reza Mandani, that weird guy in the green metal suit, and the others...

The Red Stick Ramblers - Right Key, Wrong Keyhole - Grand Texas

Visual Studio 2008 Launch Fest - December 5th, 2007

By James at November 21, 2007 07:45
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Dinner: $25.00
Visual Studio: $500.00 (perhaps)
A Visual Studio 2008 Launch Fest at Microsoft, complete with food, drink and prizes: Priceless
Microsoft, actually Woody Pewitt, is hosting a Visual Studio 2008 "Launch Fest" on Wednesday, December 5th 2007 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm + at the Microsoft Irvine offices.

So, you're probably asking, why would I want to go to Irvine on a Wendesday evening? Well, let me tell you.

  1. We will be loading Visual Studio 2008 Professional (Evaluation) on laptops and towers.
  2. Everyone who comes will get a NFR copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional mailed to them after the event.
  3. An on-site competition to show off in 5 minutes or less, what your favourite thing about VS 2008 is.
  4. A Guitar Hero tournament.
  5. Top notch (meaning NO PIZZA!) food and drinks.
  6. Giveaways (Can anyone say XBox and Zune?).

Space is limited to the first 200 registrants. Sign up here: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032360759&culture=en-US

Microsoft (Woody) is doing this to thank all the So Cal developers by giving them their own copy of VS 2008 before everyone else. Plus, by getting the bits in our hands before everyone else, Microsoft is hoping to get some cool, software out there to show off at the "official" launch in February 2008. Rumour has it that those with the coolest, most kickin' applications will be invited on stage to show it off.

How's that?

I will be heading down early to help out Woody with logistics. If anyone would like to join me and lend a hand, send me an email.


BTW, if you have never been to the Microsoft Irvine offices, you really should go to this event, especially with what Woody has planned for us. This is an opportunity that you will remember for quite a long time.


Latest crazy song in my head Jennifer Lopez - Como Ama Una Mujer - Porqué Te Marchas

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