INETA gets a new Board Member

By James at April 11, 2011 19:03
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I’ve got news!


I’m honored and humbled to have been elected to the Board of Directors for the International .NET Association (INETA), where I will be in charge of handling the Marketing and Sponsorships for the group. We had our first semi-annual Board Meeting this past weekend (April 8th through 10th), with six new members, and there was a ton of passion and excitement for bringing INETA up to speed on visibility, supporting our user groups, bringing new user groups into the family, and keeping INETA viable and relevant. Plus I got to meet a bunch of really groovy people; the rest of the Directors and Officers:


Joe Guadagno, Dane Morgridge, Woody Woodruff, Robin Edwards, Chris Coneybeer, Mark Rowe, Lori McKinney, Steve Bohlen, Nancy Mesquita and Stacey McKown.


It will be lots of work, but I am thrilled to be given a chance to be part of this. Stay tuned for updates and more information. And, don’t forget to checkout the INETA site at!



San Gabriel Valley Developers Group

By James at November 18, 2010 17:47
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Last night (November 18, 2010) I had the privilege of presenting at the San Gabriel Valley Developers Group run by Adnan Masood and Richard Trinh. I gave my usual presentation on MVC and EF, and decided to jazz it up with some jQuery and Ajax. There was a wide variety of expertise in the group, so everyone got something out of the presentation. About half were really interested in the Ajax, the other in the data layer and what EF can provide. There was even some time to dig deep into EF, pretending there was a rogue DBA who kept changing the database schema and how EF can keep up with it. Lot’s of fun.

As usual, I peppered the members with questions, and tossed out the famous ComponentOne carabineer key chains. Two people actually got my references to POCO and EF Contexts “remaining the same” to late ‘70’s bands. There was a great back and forth with the members and a ton of great questions. A win-win all around.

Adnan and Richard do a bang up job of running the group, and deserve big pats on the back for all they do. If you are ever in Monrovia, CA on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and need to get your geek on, this is the place to be.

Here’s some pictures.

8168.sgv1_2FB78B77 3326.sgv2_01BA12F2
3365.sgv3_3B2CFD1C 4276.sgv4_6D1477D9
3603.sgv5_2C62059D 1108.sgv6_3F730C7C
ComponentOne Studio Winner, Richard Chin with Adnan Masood

Happy programming,


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