Getting our luggage - yahoo!

By James Johnson at August 19, 2005 20:32
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We finally got our luggage. Well all of it except for Willie's suitcase. Carmina got in an argument with the United Airlines customer service agent ( I think I will start a site called, because he wouldn't reimburse us for clothing and medicine today. Buying clothing here was easy...getting receipts wasn't. And we had to buy $80 of our various medicines down here and they don't reimburse for that. As I mentioned before, Estella owns a clothing company, so getting a "receipt" for the $375 will be easy, but it totally sucks that they won't pay for the meds. Since we didn't have the receipts handy, we have to wait until we get back home and send in a claim to UA headquarters in Chicago.

Excuse me Mr Glenn F. Tilton but I paid you to take both my family AND my luggage to El Salvador, not pad your ludicrous bonus package!

On the way back home we were talking about it and figured out what probably happened. While we were waiting in line, several (almost 3/4's) of the passengers were checking in with way too many bags, or bags that were obviously too heavy. Since an airplane can only take a certain amount of weight on the plane, the heavier bags were loaded first, then the lighter, later arriving, bags were jettisoned to either another plane or the cargo holding area.

Ok, enough of a rant. It's a pisser, but not enough to ruin this wonderful vacation. We have our own clothes, our various and sundry items and plans to travel to the mountain town of Juayúa in Sonsonate. Here's a preview. Information on Juayúa for gringos can be seen here. For the rest of you, here.


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