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By James at November 09, 2007 14:39
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I wanted to add the Live Messenger plugin to my BlogEngine.NET blog and could get it working when running either in Cassini or IIS 6/7. However when I posted the changed files to my hosting server, it wasn't working. I had previously built a custom template for BE, and had problems with custom Javascript being linked correctly. I ended up adding the JS links to the bottom of the master page with the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<%=Request.ApplicationPath %>/themes/<%=BlogSettings.Instance.Theme%>/jquery.js"></script>

That worked fine and I was stumped why my new JS code wasn't working.

It was only until I did the most simplest of things, "View Source" did I see that the source of the javascript file was now


I don't know why this happened. I hadn't changed the source of BE. Perhaps it was a setting change on the hosting server, I don't know.

What I ended up doing was moving the javascript files to the "js" main folder of BE and now all is good.

BTW, if you want to IM me via Messenger, just click on the "Instant Message James" link in the sidebar, and you're good to go.


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