It’s official! I’m an MVP. Time for a nap.

By James at April 01, 2009 04:27
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I was up way late again, this time checking email every 30 seconds for the “official” congratulations message. Click – Wait – Click – Wait – Repeat. “OK Johnson”, I say to myself. “Go to bed, it will come.”

7:00 am – nothing
7:30 am – nada
8:00 am – hmm, ok
8:30 am – nervous tension starts
8:45 am – uh oh, comments are coming in from last night’s blog
9:00 am – where is that darn thing?
9:01 am – this can’t be an April Fools Joke, can it?
9:02 am – maybe I shouldn’t have blogged last night and they took it away?
9:15 am – more nervous tension, beads of sweat on my face
9:30 am – this *REALLY* can’t be an April Fools Joke, can it?
9:31 am – HEY! there’s an email in the Junk folder?! WTF?
9:31:05 am – YAHOO! LIVE!



For quite some time, this is something I have been wanting and working for. Not for the recognition, more to learn what all the mystery of the MVP is about, to sneak a peak behind the blue door, to reach out and touch the secret squirrels.

Of all the emails that have come in the last 24 hours, there is one line that stands out:

…enjoy the award; take advantage of the opportunities it offers you…

Believe me… I fully intend to. I can’t wait to dive into the MVP site to check out what’s there.

Thanks again to everyone who watches my back and helped me get to where I am today.


Time for a nap.

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4/1/2009 4:30:40 AM #

volkan uzun

well deserved my friend

volkan uzun | Reply

4/1/2009 4:51:45 AM #


Congratulations James! You definitely deserve the award.

Rachel | Reply

4/1/2009 7:58:24 AM #

Josh Highland

That's awesome news! Congrats James!

Josh Highland | Reply

4/1/2009 9:05:13 AM #

David Jung

Dude! This is huge! I can't believe you referenced YAHOO in your post, though. ;)

David Jung | Reply

4/1/2009 2:02:09 PM #

Scott Galloway

Congratulations, well deserved!

Scott Galloway | Reply

4/1/2009 3:31:10 PM #

Carmina aka Dulce Esposa

Felicitaciones mi esposo querido.  Yo se que has esperado esto con tanta paciencia.  Que lo disfrutes mi MVP!  besitos

Carmina aka Dulce Esposa | Reply

4/2/2009 9:50:22 AM #

volkan uzun

Estoy de acuerdo con Carmina, que debemos celebrar esto, las bebidas están en James

volkan uzun | Reply

4/2/2009 2:54:26 PM #

Jennifer Louie

Congrats, James! Is world domination next?

Jennifer Louie | Reply

4/2/2009 4:23:06 PM #

Matt Penner

Congrats!  Well deserved man!  Tu es el mejor.  El hombre con los monos en sus pantelones.  Smile  ¿Ahora, dónde puse mi cerveza?  J/K.  Well deserved and best to you dude!

Matt Penner | Reply

4/4/2009 5:56:48 PM #

Mike Roth

Congrats Dude,

Now we finally have a real MVP in the Central IE area. Congrats!

No Habla Esponol.

Mike Roth | Reply

4/6/2009 10:06:16 AM #

Al Pascual

There should be only one!! Wink
Congratulations you worked really hard for it!


Al Pascual | Reply

4/18/2009 12:59:01 PM #

Paul Chu

A belated congratulations !

Thanks for all the great work and effort over the past years !


Paul Chu | Reply

4/22/2009 5:40:42 PM #

Ed Marquez


Ed Marquez | Reply

5/18/2009 10:52:46 PM #

Julia Lerman

Congrats!! I haven't forgotten "approving" your new group as an INETA member a long long time ago! Smile You've done so much since then!


Julia Lerman | Reply

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